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November 05, 2009


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Elizabeth Zima

Lee, yes I was engaging my core muscles, but I still seem to bounce around like crazy :) Like you I started riding dressage at age 40, but unlike you, I did not ride at all before. I cannot tell you what possessed me to do it. I was just struck by the most glorious feeling.......I will add your blog to my blog roll when I have time to sit down and review. I look forward to more comments from you :)


Good for you! I think you did quite well. Were you engaging your core muscles and bearing down? Don't grow tall but rather drop your shoulders in a relaxed way and your ribs. That will help you stay glued to the saddle.

I did the same thing recently and feel your pain. I found your blog thru COTH and I'm also an adult rider starting dressage over 40. Can you say tight hips?

Laura Kinsale

Great! Now just do that about 700 more times, you'll be set. ;)

LK, at somewhere around lunge lesson #250...

PS-what a nice lunge horse

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